Find Out How Our ILFELD Hip Splints Are Fitted for Children

Fitting the ILFELD Abduction Splint

  • The splint is applied, at first, in easy maximal abduction. The parent is generally instructed on how to remove the splint for bathing and is designed so the child's diaper may be easily changed without removing the splint.
  • Thigh bands should be bent and shaped to fit the patient.
  • A waistband is used to put the child’s hips in flexion.
  • Your Child will retain dynamic range of motion, allowing them to crawl and move freely.
  • Covers should be washed by hand.

Approximate Sizes For Average Child

Size ThighCircumference Spread Age

Extra Small 5" - 6" 6" Newborn to 1 month

Small 7" - 8" 7" 1 - 4 months

Medium 8" - 10" 9" 4 - 12 Months

Large 10" - 12" 11" 1 - 3 Years

Material Specifications:

  • All stainless steel parts.
  • Aluminum thigh bands are malleable enough to be shaped by hand.
  • Aluminum cuffs are also available in plastisol.
  • Plastisol-covered aluminum cuffs are hypoallergenic.
  • Fabric covers are hypoallergenic.