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Extension Finger Splint

The splint itself is covered with a thin coat of plastisol. The Velcro strap, which double laps over the dorsum of the finger near the proximal interphalangeal joint, is tightened to increase extension.

This splint is used for:

  • Damaged extensor tendon "boutonniere."
  • Volar capsular fibrosis of the interphalangeal joints.
  • Flexor tendon adherence.

Note position of splint for damaged extensor tendon overlying proximal interphalangeal joint (boutonniere). Distal Interphalangeal joint may be taped in flexion as P.I.P. near full extension.

Note that the distal plate is applied to the tip of the finger only when there are flexion contractures of both interphalangeal joints. Click on image for larger picture.

Extension Finger Splints are available in six different sizes with Velcro closures; see below.

Overall Length

  • E101V 1-7/8 inches
  • E102V 2-1/8 inches
  • E103V 2-1/2 inches
  • E104V 2-7/8 inches
  • E105V 3-1/8 inches
  • E106V 3-3/8 inches

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