Take a Look at Our Dynamic ILFELD Hip Abduction Splint

Dynamic ILFELD Hip Abduction Splint

For the Treatment of:

  • Congenital dislocation of the hip
  • Congenital dysplasia of hip
  • Hip dysplasia and dislocation due to cerebral palsy and other neuromuscular conditions


  • The ILFELD Splint consists of two aluminum thigh bands fastened to a stainless steel crossbar with swivel joints. The metal thigh bands are covered with a Hypoallergenic felt lined canvas cover or dipped in medical grade plastisol
  • Extra replacement Hypoallergenic felt lined covers are also available ( see price list )
  • The thigh bands are adjustable and are locked in place with a 3/16" hexagon wrench.
  • The splint is adjustable for growth and progressive relaxation of abductor spasms.
  • It is cool and comfortable, having no harnesses.
  • The perineum is free for diaper hygiene.


  • Splinting allows the treatment of congenital hip dysplasia in infants. In most cases, it eliminates long months of confinement in a plaster cast.
  • The care of the patient at home is made easy, facilitating daily bathing, diaper changing, and normal hygiene. In addition to the physiological advantages of the ILFELD splint, it is a method that is convenient for the parents and comfortable for the patient.
  • Your Child will retain dynamic range of motion, allowing them to crawl and move freely

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